Vampires are undead blood-suckers of legend and lore.

In the World of Darkness [WoD], they are angsty pissants with a lot of serious emotional damage.
In Schwami’s WoD, they are rampaging piles of badass who are subject to the will of physics, common sense, and decency only when it proves convenient (more or less). They tend to be pretty low on the morality slider, but True Monsters don’t fly – that’s the Sabbat’s bag. This is because Schwami does not give a rats ass about how lonely it is being a monstrous creature of the night, and prefers to use the very real threat of stupid shit having nasty consequences from the many, many, many, many in game enemies specifically looking for them to police their actions.

Vampire Quick Reference: Fact v. Fiction

Vampires aint scared of none of that thar’ religious iconography. From crosses to Qur’ans, they’re just peachy.
There are exceptions – characters raised on these beliefs may still have trouble, though it’s psychological. There are also known instances of Vampires being affected by various mythic weaknesses in a very real way, as well as the ever present urban legends of faithful individuals blasting some schmuck into ash with nothing more than their belief.

Vampires drink blood. It is what powers their unholy forms. They need no other sustenance, and most can’t even eat or drink anything else. This makes them unwelcome at cocktail parties when they don’t use their Freaky Vampire Powers™. Vampire blood is super magical, and can be used to create ghouls and blood bonds. They also tend to develop an unhealthy, if entirely understandable, fetish with it.
Mechanically, the typical n00b vampire can hold 10-15 ‘Blood points’ (roughly equivalent to 1 pint), which are used for everything from waking up for the evening to using disciplines to healing wounds, and all manner of other things.

Sunlight / Fire:
Vampires are way scared of both of these, and both can induce Frenzy and death. Both also cause Aggravated wounds, usually in large numbers. These tend to be the main way ‘normals’ will manage to kill a Vampire.

The Beast:
The source of vampire Emo-ness and Flip-out-Badass-ness. The beast is the Vampire’s id made manifest, and occasionally takes over the driver’s seat. This is referred to as ‘Frenzying’. It can also power certain Disciplines and other such flim-flammery. As mentioned, the struggle against the monster in one’s brain tends to take a backseat until abused. Even a vampire’s ostensible allies will become seriously concerned when a character has trouble controlling themselves, however-and most Princes will take immediate steps to pacify things.


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