Hi there! You should read this before making your Vampire character for this chronicle. First, I wanted to address the matter of ‘canon’ continuity. The in game books feature a progressing storyline involving the major clans and sects, most of which aren’t relevant to a given game, but overall tend to confuse things. Additionally, depending on which book you’re reading, the timeline may be significantly advanced, so bear the following in mind while reading. I forget the exact cut-off, but I think it’s the ‘canon’ year of 1999 or 2001. Essentially, things get very unstable and confused in the lead-up to the Apocalypse. This isn’t really necessary to the game, and I prefer the way things are set up in the introductory books for the most part. The major changes I can recall off the top of my head are as follows – none of this has happened in the game I’m running, even if some of the books reference the events. To be clear, here is how things are:

*The Gangrel are still part of the Camarilla.
*The Assamites have not divided into several factions and thrown off the curse laid down on them by the Tremere clan.
*The Malkavians are acting no stranger than usual
*The Tremere have not all disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Basically, anytime something particularly radical happens or something is preceded by the phrase, ‘recently/in recent nights/etc’, it might be worth it to double check with me. If it’s particularly notable as a huge divergence from how a clan normally acts, it’s a safe bet that it hasn’t happened in our continuity.

Party Make-Up & Clan Selection: As you’ll read shortly, events in the Twin Cities are quite unstable, and virtually any clan selection can be justified; there are defectors and independents running around in job lots, taking advantage of the confusion. Currently, the Coterie (player group) consists of 2 Assamites and a Tremere.
The sole exception is the Ravnos, whose concept I find as idiotic as it is insanely racist. (Thieving gypsies.)
Also, I would strongly recommend some serious consideration before playing any of the minor bloodlines, the Giovanni, or a Setite. They are quite difficult to pull off, and especially if you’re new to the game it’s best to stick with a Camarilla or Sabbat clan – and the Sabbat only if you really, really latch onto a clan.

General Flavor notes: This game is pretty violent – Vampires one and all have a tremendous capacity for violence and destruction, and at some point you ARE going to frenzy and you probably ARE going to kill a mortal or five. Further, it’s quite rare that someone will be Embraced and continue existing if they can’t deal with that sort of thing – they’ll either be killed by their clan, not embraced in the first place, end their own unlives, or degenerate into a mindless monster.

And, Finally, Recent Events: The Twin Cities are in a state of confusion and flux – less than a year prior it was the site of a full scale invasion by the dreaded Sabbat. It was only through extraordinary effort, a fair amount of luck, and the personal leadership of two Justicars that it was turned back at all. However, casualties, especially amongst the elders, were extremely high. Since the attack, Vampires from all over have begun moving into the power vacuum,
seeking to make their own fortune amongst the ashes. The current Prince is still consolidating their power base, and several Primogen are getting ready to make the case that they are more worthy than the current wielder of the title.
Julius Aurelius officially merged the Princedom of St. Paul and Minneapolis, citing the need for a more coordinated and stable rule given the proximity of the Sabbat. Having appointed a Prince and left to continue his campaign in St. Cloud, the current Prince is in a somewhat unenviable position.


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