Justicars and Archons
[[]], the Sheriff of Minneapolis
, the Whip of Minneapolis
Sarissa, a Werewolf Hunter


Note: Information presented here is based on the reports of the Prince of Minneapolis’s spies, and is disseminated throughout Camarilla forces in order to inform and protect. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete.
Archbiship Sholem Zerr, Priscus of the Sabbat and Mastermind behind the invasion of the Northern Midwest. Tzimisce of the 6th Generation.
Archbishop Zuckuss, Archbishop of Mexico. Counterpoint to Sholem’s invasion of the north is his simultaneous attack on Texas and California. Lasombra of the 7th Generation.

The Duluth Sabbat:

Bishop Asphodel, High Father of the Sabbat Inquisition, Knight of the New World. Tzimisce of the 8th Generation.

  1. Junior Inquisitor Stacey “Eightball”, His immediate junior and Master of Rituals of the Sabbat and a Lasombra of the 9th Generation.
  2. His Honor Guard, a group of Warrior-Sabbat of mixed creeds and clans.

Gaul The Black, His ostensible ally and political rival, and Seraphim of the Black Hand. Lasombra of unknown Generation (believed 7th or lower)

  1. Templars Anastasia Blue, The Juggler, and Vincenzo Giovanni, his bodyguards and Lasombra, Malkavian, and Giovanni (respectively) of Unknown generation.
  2. Kyle Meroda (Ventrue Antitribu), Anton Barber (Brujah Antitribu), and Switch (Malkavian Antitribu), a small Sabbat pack who believes themselves pawns of some sort in Gaul’s plans.

Sabbat Allies:

Black Jackals, a pack of Black Spiral Dancer Werewolves.
The Gray Hoods: A group of fanatics, most of whom are ghouls.

Enemies Unaffiliated with the Sabbat:

The Inquisition. Vatican Black Ops. They hunt everything supernatural in order to purge the world in the name of god. Often appear when not expected.
Mamun Al’Sadiq, an extremely ruthless and efficient Assamite. He is known to have assassinated one of the previous Princes of Minneapolis in the lead-up to the Sabbat invasion, though he claims it was unrelated.

Neutral / Unknown Figures of Power or Infamy:

Sethra Lavode, a 4th Generation Tzimisce. Lives in northern Minneapolis and is, wisely, usually left alone.
Gyorg Palatine, Akashic Magi of the 9th Rank. Picture Bruce Lee, except more immortal and able to shapeshift.
Anschothagol, a Demon of unknown intentions. Operates a club and is avoided by Vampires as a general rule.
Monkeywrench McFish, a werewolf of the Bone Gnawer Tribe. Current leader of the few werewolves that live in the cities, and not particularly well-respected. Dwells in the riverfront area and is known to chat with the Nosferatu from time to time.
Viktor Mahkti, a Setite of Unknown Generation. Drug Peddler who operates a rather exclusive club that is frequented by Vampires of both the Camarilla and Sabbat. Both sects have accorded him neutral status, and he currently seems content to make obscene sums of money from the drug trade.


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