Justicars are the direct representatives of the Ivory Tower, the ruling body of the Camarilla. They are extremely powerful and influential Vampires, and are the only ones who can directly override a Prince. They are elected, one from each Clan, and serve 20 year terms. Typically, they are the second oldest vampires of each clan (the oldest being in the Ivory Tower itself), though exceptions exist.

Justicars can appoints Archons at will, who act as their eyes, ears, and many of whom can represent the Justicar directly (though only the Justicar themself can overrule a Prince, many will go along with what an Archon says, as Justicars dislike being bothered over any but the most crucial matters).

Julius Aurelius, Brujah Justicar and leader of the Camarilla Defense of the Twin Cities.
Xavier Stone, Gangrel Justicar and leader of the Camarilla Defense of California.
The Lord of Rats, Nosferatu Justicar, currently spying behind enemy lines.
Anna Tourmenka, Tremere Justicar and leader of the Camarilla Defense of Texas.
The other three Justicars are currently in Europe.

Jamal Al’Haqim, the leader of the Assamites that have joined the Camarilla, is currently being considered for the position of Assamite Justicar due to his overwhelming qualification for the position. Currently, he and his progeny are in Canada, ostensibly wreaking havoc on Sabbat positions.


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