Julius Aurelius

Full Name: Unknown
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 4th

Julius is quite possibly one of the oldest vampires still active in the modern world. Little is known about his past, but it is widely told that he was considered an elder of Rome when Carthage was sacked in 146 B.C.E.

Julius is one of the founding members of the Camarilla, and has refused a position in the Ivory Tower (the ruling body of the Camarilla) on several occasions. He has been the Brujah Justicar since the sects inception, and consequently has more experience defending against and attacking the Sabbat than any other individual.

His moves in Minneapolis were initially quite cautious, possibly due to the sudden and audacious conquering of all the Camarilla’s Canadian provinces by the Sabbat. Having secured Vancouver, the Rocky Mountains, and everything west of Fargo with his contacts among the werewolves, he offered a seemingly divided and weakened Minneapolis as bait. When they finally attacked, Julius, several of his Archons, and a number of picked Camarilla elders devastated their ranks. Simultaneously, several Assamites and Nosferatu took out a large portion of their leadership thanks to the efforts of the Nosferatu Justicar, rocking the invaders back on their heels. Finally, Julius took the offensive, turned the Sabbat’s werewolf and techno-mage allies against them, and has cleansed St. Cloud; the same city now serves as a base for his next planned attacks.

Personally, Julius rarely takes the field unless matters are truly desperate. His numerous archons and informants are what make him dangerous – he often knows of critical events days before anyone else could, and this allows him to pattern his tactics appropriately. He is however, as would be expected, absolutely terrifying in personal combat – though few even amongst the Sabbat are idiotic enough to try anything.

Julius Aurelius

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