“You Rack A Dissaprin!” – Master Han

Freaky Vampire Powers, or ‘Disciplines’ are the source of most rumors / legends surrounding them. A brief follows:

First, the ‘Physical Disciplines’:

Celerity: Freaky Vampire Speed. Spend 1 (or more) blood to gain 1 (or more) extra rounds in combat. ZING ZING ZALABEEM.
Fortitude: Freaky Vampire Toughness. This is the only way to soak Aggravated damage from sunlight, werewolf bites, etc. Also a source of hilarious (“You Call That a Shotgun Wound?”).
Potence: Freaky Vampire Strength. Free successes in non-combat strength rolls translates into old vampires with swords the size of motorcycles. (No Final Fantasy Jokes, please.) In Combat, EXTRA DAMAGE DICE. WHOO.

The Rest:

Animalism: Freaky Vampire Talkin’ To Animals. The Vampire (via their Beast) can communicate with animals, and at higher levels, possess them or mess with the Beasts of other Vampires. Also used to convince rats to eat peanut butter/C-4 mixtures in order to cause hilarity.

Auspex: aka The Discipline Someone Should Have So The GM Doesn’t Have To Make Up Magic Items; aka The Discipline That Is The Source Of Madness. Freaky Vampire Extra Sensory Perception. Starts with Sharpened Senses (aka ‘guess who’s getting flashbanged’) and moves on to Aura Sight, object reading, telepathy and astral projection. Note: THIS IS HOW YOU COUNTER OBFUSCATE. THIS IS WHY ALL YOUR ENEMIES HAVE IT.

Chimerstry: Illusions! Ravnos have this, you do not.

Dominate: “FUCKING DO IT” school of Vampire Mind Control. Extremely useful for making mortals do what you want, including jumping jacks and surrendering the last beer. Hypothetically, there are other uses (“Sleeeeep!”). Later, Possession and Memory Alteration! Awesome!

Dementation: Some Malkavians have this power. They use it to melt brains. Causes and is powered by Insanity.

Necromancy: This is the ability to futz around with dead things, and is an offshoot of thaumaturgy. When you need a zombie butler or accidentally whack someone with important info, best seek out your local Giovanni or Samedi vampire, as they’re likely the only ones with this skill.

Obfuscate: Freaky Vampire Hidin’. Not really turning invisible, so much as turning so bland and uninteresting that you become unnoticeable. This doesn’t actually change what you look like (Try Viccissitude) but you can fool people. At higher levels, you can make people forget you were in a place and conceal multiple subjects. Ninjas have this. Nosferatu are known as the most common holders of this skill, but Malkavians and Assamites are at least as skilled.

Presence: The “C’mon do it!” school of Vampire Mind Control. Persuades the weak willed that the user is like, totally awesome and is probably doing things in your best interest. Higher levels allow for crushing force of personality (most people can’t even snark at Julius) and summoning.

Protean: Freaky Vampire Power that Inspired Bram Stoker. See in the dark, grow big claws, meld with the earth, turn into a wolf or bat, and mist-form! This discipline is pretty much pure awesome, and only Gangrel get it, which is why they are in turn uniformly awesome.

Quietus: Freaky Vampire Assassin Powers. Starts with creating zones of silence and ends with vomiting highly corrosive and toxic blood (seriously). Can also be used to make poisons that are highly dangerous/entertaining. EXTREMELY unlikely to be found outside of the Assamite clan (The clan of Assassins. They kill people who learn or teach it to outsiders).

Thanatosis: The discipline associated with Samedi. Must be seen to be believed.

Thaumaturgy: Vampire Hermetic Magic. The main path has a variety of uses, the rest are pretty much themed (fire, lightning, dream control, weather control, etc.) Only Tremere are likely to have any real skill with it.

Vicissitude: The alteration of oneself or others. Capable of truly mind-blowing physical alterations when used by skilled practitioners, including enormous conglomerate war-ghouls and other flavors of fuck-all scary monsters. Commonly associated with the Tzimisce clan.


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