Opening Credits Scrawl

Recorded by Balver Grimm, of the Clan Nosferatu. Dictated, but not read, by *****************
“The beginning of 2011 saw the arrival of ever more snow to the Twin Cities, along with a few new faces amongst the Vampiric community. Fortunately arriving just in time for an audience with the Prince, they were introduced one by one and more or less welcomed to the city as landless serfs.
These individuals were:
Vincent Green, “Vinnie G.” – A Tremere warlock recently released from his tenure as an apprentice in the far north of Minnesota, Vinnie still prefers the fashions of the roaring 20s he was embraced in.
Istvan – A quiet Brujah with more rage issues than is normal even for their clan, Istvan has yet to make much of a name for himself wherever it is he is from. He hopes to change that in the turbulent Twin Cities.
Uthman – Mistrusted Assamite and fabulously wealthy ‘oil-prince’, notorious amongst the city’s mortal residents for his outrageous antics, disdain for the common man, and gross ethics violations the world over. He is often accompanied by a Jihadist bodyguard.

Upon arriving, Uthman set upon the Governor’s mansion in St. Paul as the only seat for a man of his stature, and swiftly turned it into the most sumptuous private home imaginable. Taking their arrival together as fortuitous, all three have since moved in.

Their next move was to acquire a place in the city’s undead heirarchy, whose medieval structure they currently held no status in. Enquiring of any suitable tasks, quests, or the like from Balver Grimm, the Prince’s hideous-but-loyal Seneschal, they were tasked with the removal of some of the cancerous Sabbat.
Locating a cell, or more likely, splintered group of loners, they swiftly brought the goth-dressed misfits to the Prince’s justice. Each morning, another few inches of their body is exposed to the sun.
After, they were tasked with making contact with the city’s werewolf population, known as the Bone Gnawer Pack. These creatures forced them to hunt down one of their own, with the prohibition that they were to utilize no silver in their quest.
Quiet lady fortune lent them her aid, and they were able to devastate the beast before it shifted to it’s nigh-invulnerable Hybrid form. Their successes reported to the pack and Prince,
the new-formed group was named “Coterie,” and granted certain enviable territory upon the street of Lake."



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