Dark Lady of the South

Recorded by Balver Grimm, of the Clan Nosferatu. Dictated, but not read, by *****************
“After a week of relatively quiet work transforming some of their territory into a Perfectly Legitimate Italian Deli, the loyal servant of the Nosferatu Kirk Hoffman was sent to the Governor’s Mansion to request more service of the coterie, upon behalf of the Prince. More Sabbat were thought to be in the area, and their history of successful interaction with the sect was seen to be of potential use. They were to investigate the shop of Leviticus Tattoo, a humble enough locale, for fear of a flesh-crafting imitator.
There, they found an old Sabbat safehouse, stripped to the bone by the earlier war, and nearly ran into some of the Sabbat themselves. Their names have come down to us as Kyle, a Ventrue Antitribu and the group’s ostensible leader; Anton, a Brujah Antitribu and their muscle; and Switch, a Malkavian Antitribu with a fondness for repeating the inverse of what is spoken to her. After some tense moments, they realized they were both after the same target – an unpleasant ghoul whose name is lost to us. This foul creature was found to be more than slightly skilled with the Tzimisce art of Viccissitude, and used his wretched craft on unsuspecting customers. In the interest of preserving the Masquerade, the Sabbat were allowed to flee the city, and the Coterie confronted the seemingly unassuming ghoul in the abandoned safehouse. There, he demonstrated his fearsome powers, removing the hand of Uthman’s servant, and caused Vinnie’s ribs to puncture his heart in a dreadful wound. All of this he did in the form of a semi-shapeless blob – which fact, when related to the Seneschal and later the Prince himself, seemed to cause them the utmost concern.

It was decided the council of one Sethra Lavode, an independent Tzimisce of great age and potency, should be sought on the matter. The coterie was sent, their mission explained as another ambassadorial endeavor, to her cliff-side manse. There, they met with and were greatly disturbed by the Methusaleh, and discovered that while she knew some of what they needed, it was mainly hypothesis-which could be tested, at great risk, by the retrieval of viable practitioners of Viccissitude. Such do not exist amongst the Camarilla, of course, and so the coterie was decided upon heading north, to Duluth, still in the hands of the dread Sabbat. There, they would by force and guile retrieve subjects for Sethra’s mysterious experimentation, and thereby delve to the bottom of what is apparently quite a mystery.

Their first stop is St. Cloud, and the war-fort of the Justicar Julius, leader of the Camarilla’s campaign against the Sabbat. The Prince has agreed to pretend that they will be Scouts for the dread Justicar, and report and answer to him."



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